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ITPortal: Complete Disaster Recovery

MedOne has launched a particularly innovative and effective method of dealing with the collapse of computer systems, whether due to a ransom attack or for any other reason. This solution, the first of its kind in Israel, ensures business continuity within just a few minutes, with no damage to the organization due to data loss. Implementation of the solution is based on unique technology from CloudEndure that enables continuous, complete data replication in real time, without affecting the normal operation of the system or slowing its performance. Changed data is encrypted and sent to the cloud, and in the event of a problem, the disaster recovery plan is activated immediately.

The Marker – Amitay Ziv: The day after the disaster: will the email work and food will get to the food chains?

As we know, the risk of earthquakes in Israel is high. There is also a permanent threat of missile or terror attacks. Nevertheless, the business sector is not prepared for situations in which there is real damage to infrastructures. Every company needs a business continuity plan (BCP), preferably according to the international standard ISO 22301, but only 24 companies have done this as yet. The main component of a BCP is disaster recovery solutions that rely on advanced technologies and an external cloud.

Geektime – Gil Shani: When Backup is not enough: the horror scenarios that occupies senior managers’ minds

Cyber crime is an inseparable part of 21st century reality. Nevertheless, many sensitive organizations are exposed to damage and interrupted activity – and the main reason is the mistaken perception of many senior managers who still believe that if the organization backs up its data, it is protected. Consequently, very few organizations comply with the requirements of the ISO 22301 standard, which ensures real business continuity even in situations of war, earthquake, rocket attack, tsunami, etc. Full back-up is not full protection – managers should not make do with backup, but should take steps to assimilate a high quality DRP with minimum RPO and minimum RTO.

Carmel Portal: How to protect your computer systems

In an era when most organizations are data-driven, any scenario that includes loss of information or interrupted operation of computer systems due to any type of damage is a real nightmare. In order to ensure optimum handling of such scenarios, MedOne has developed a disaster recovery solution based on the unique technology of CloudEndure. Thanks to this new solution, the entire computer system can return to full and absolutely normal activity with no downtime. In addition, the data is fully replicated in real time without putting any load on the organization’s resources. The solution is also financially worthwhile, with savings of up to 80% of TCO.

ITNews: A new solution in Israel, ensures Disaster Recovery in the shortest time possible and with zero data loss

Dramatic news for large organizations and companies: a new DR solution that takes a broad view and is based on unique technology that ensures disaster recovery in the shortest time possible and with zero data loss. The ultimate solution also enables some 80% savings on average in terms of TCO (total cost of ownership). Full replication has no effect on the regular operation, and in particular does not slow the performance of computer systems, and it provides full protection for all the organization’s data.
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