IT systems are a vital and critical component of the business area of most companies. Physical damage to the data center, damage to the data, ransom demands, communications problems, updates and upgrades – these are only some of the threat outlines for these systems. As part of the preparedness for protecting them from the numerous threats, MedOne has established its unique solution – MedOne DR, a disaster recovery solution.

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Unique Aspects of MedOne DR

  • DRaaS-based solution on designated facilities in the State of Israel
  • Simple and easy data replication capabilities from any computer platform to MedOne DR
  • Replicating data at a block level
  • Data security of the highest level
  • The ability to work and practice without impacting the original data
  • Adapting solutions to the customer's needs – hybrid solution / full solution
  • Increasing and decreasing resources in accordance with the customer’s needs
  • Domestic communications infrastructure with no latency
  • Integration of leading Zerto DR product

Replication from any Source

MedOne DR was carefully built as a disaster recovery solution in order to provide the customer with maximum flexibility. The solution supports Windows servers – X86 or Linux, physical or virtual, independent of the virtualization infrastructure the servers sit on. The original servers can be located in the customer’s environment or on any other cloud infrastructure. The solution is based on an agent installed on the original server, which serially transmits the changes in blocks to the cloud.

MedOne DR

Near Zero RPO & RTO

The efficient MedOne DR data replication mechanism, along with management and automation options, enable complete operational flexibility, thus granting you, as a customer, disaster recovery capabilities within minutes to a current point of time.

Encryption at Rest and in Transit

The information is transmitted to the MedOne cloud in a secure manner in order to prevent data leakage by using applicative encryption. The DR (disaster recovery) solution supports encrypting the data at its destination through the use of keys.

Enterprise Grade Solution

The MedOne DR software component is among the best in the world and is suitable to the variety of cloud solutions existing on the market, such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. The solution is developed in Israel and enables continuous data replication. MedOne DR is not just a data replication solution. The solution comprehensively manages the DR (disaster recovery) program – customer disaster recovery, including failover and fallback processes – to the cloud.


Flexibility of Solution

The solution can be modified at any time, and the charges are in accordance with the actual usage

Low Ongoing Costs

The cost of the solution is composed of the cost of licensing per machine and the storage it needs on the cloud, therefore the solution is economical and cost-efficient in the long term


Initial Purchase and Maintenance

The solution changes the organization’s expense from CapEx to OpEx, freeing up budgets for other needs


MedOne DR Solution

Capability Description
Compatibility with all machines Physical machines
Virtual machines – any hypervisor
Hosting or cloud machines
Compatibility with all applications Suitable for working with all applications at the organization
RPO Near Zero RPO
Ongoing synchronization – loss of information in the event of disaster is near zero
RTO Going live within just a few minutes
Ease of operation – 3 stages at the portal
P2C, V2C, C2C Machine conversion is automatic and transparent to users
Enterprise Grade Used by banks, insurance companies, HMOs, governments, etc.
No impact on original work No need for changes on premises
No on-premise storage requirements
No impact on performance
No impact whatsoever on users
Ease of installation No impact on original work
TCO Low costs, economic solution
No need for servers on standby, data storage space, networks, etc. – everything is on the cloud
Backup and restore Ability to go back in time – snapshots (restoring servers and data to a past state)
Snapshot every 24 hours with 28 versions saved
Protection from ransomware, deletions, accidents, malfunctions, etc.
Restoration ability at the level of the individual machine
Return to routine activity Reverse replication
Synchronization back to the source from the same portal – easy operation
Fast process – depends on the communications line and the number of changes made – only the changes are transmitted

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