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MedOne has gained experience in the characterization, planning, construction, operation and management of the most advanced data centers in the Middle East, bringing to Israel a local public cloud platform, MedOneCloud with extensive cloud services for the Israeli companies.

To do so, MedOne has chosen Dimension Data as its partner. A global subsidiary of NTT, which is the world’s largest telecommunications company, Dimension Data provides advanced, high-quality cloud computing services to more than 6,000 organizations in 58 countries. It has dozens of cloud centers in operation, with 31,000 employees, and it cooperates with some two hundred business partners around the world.

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MedOneCloud Service

Israeli Public Cloud

 Already installed at two sites in Israel that provide an SLA of 99.999% annual availability.

פורטל Self Service

A specialized self-service portal

For independently allocating computer resources, storage, backup, communications infrastructure, and data protection in real time.

Services can be tailored to each client’s needs with maximum flexibility.

אבטחת מידע

Data security

 Fully compliant with the strictest international standards and with Israel’s regulatory guidelines, including ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 27799, ISO 27017, ISO 9001, Vital Enterprise Approval (Emergency Economy), CSA Star, SSAE16, the Bank of Israel regulations, The National Cyber-Protection Authority etc.

המשכיות עסקית

Business Continuity

Providing a variety of solutions from MedOneCloud, to ensure business continuity as required by Israeli regulations and to afford the client peace of mind as the cloud computing services are implemented.

MedOneCloud Service

International networking

Employing the MedOneCloud platform as an integral part of the OneCloud network, which is deployed globally and makes allocating computer resources possible independently in Israel and in every other area of the world while managing accounts on a unified basis in shekels.

איכות ושרידות

Quality and Survivability

Based on the world’s leading technology, for the best and safest performance.

שירותי ענן MedOneCloud

Professional technical support

Available 24/7/365 in English and in Hebrew, for all cloud platforms in Israel and elsewhere on the global cloud network.

One Stop Shop

A one-stop shop

Where a single professional source can provide all the IT services from specifications for the solution’s configuration to system deployment and top-quality technical support.


MedOneCloud products portfolio

The MedOneCloud products protfolio integrates cloud infrastructures into the organization’s IT fabric whether the organization is large or small and whether it is a direct end client or a service provider that resells and manages cloud infrastructures.

MedOneCloud is installed at two sites in Israel at 100 km distance in-between. Services can be tailored to each client’s needs with maximum flexibility and a “Pay as you Use” billing method.

MedOneCloud is the only Public Cloud in Israel that is fully compliant with the strictest international standards for data security and with Israel’s regulatory guidelines, while keeping the data in Israel and allowing to easily gain resources at tens of countries around the globe.  

Administrative Platforms

Administrative platforms give organizations control over their infrastructure expenses, thus enabling their clients to concentrate on the organization’s core activity. With deployment no longer stalled by matters of cost associated with procuring, implementing, and maintaining infrastructures, time to production can be reduced in order to obtain maximum value from the cloud services. Moreover, the administrative platform provides organizations with a high level of confidence in the consistency of their performance and availability, being backed by global cloud providers of the caliber of Dimension Data and MedOne.



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