MedOne,has gained experience in the characterization, planning, construction, operation and management of the most advanced data centers in the Middle East, bringing to Israel a local public cloud platform, MedOneCloud with extensive cloud services for the Israeli companies.

To do so, MedOne has chosen Dimension Data as its partner. A global subsidiary of NTT, ;which is the world’s largest telecommunications company, Dimension Data provides advanced, high-quality cloud computing services to more than 6,000 organizations in 58 countries. It has dozens of cloud centers in operation, with 31,000 employees, and it cooperates with some two hundred business partners around the world.

Data security — fully compliant with the strictest international standards and with Israel’s regulatory guidelines, including ISO 27001, ISO 27799, ISO 27017, HIPAA, PCI DSS, the Bank of Israel regulations, etc.

International networking — employing the MedOneCloud platform as an integral part of the OneCloud network, which is deployed globally and makes allocating computer resources possible independently in Israel and in every other area of the world while managing accounts on a unified basis in shekels.

Business continuity — providing a variety of solutions from MedOneCloud in cooperation with Dimension Data, to ensure business continuity as required by Israeli regulations and to afford the client peace of mind as the cloud computing services are implemented.

Quality and survivability — based on the world’s leading technology, for the best and safest performance.

Professional technical support — available 24/7/365 in English and in Hebrew, for all cloud platforms in Israel and elsewhere on the global cloud network.

A one-stop shop — where a single professional source can provide all the IT services from specifications for the solution’s configuration to system deployment and top-quality technical support.

Through MedOne’s partnership with Dimension Data, Israeli organizations can confidently enter the realm of cloud computing step by step. The MedOneCloud team is knowledgeable and experienced in centralizing IT infrastructures and security on the one hand, while on the other hand it is not biased toward any specific software provider.

These are some of the top-quality cloud solutions that MedOneCloud can provide thanks to the partnership with Dimension Data:

Public and hybrid cloud computing systems — already installed at two sites in Israel that provide an SLA of 99.999% annual availability — the world’s highest.

A specialized self-service portal — for independently allocating computer resources, storage, backup, communications infrastructure, and data protection in real time. Services can be tailored to each client’s needs with maximum flexibility.

Solution Components

  • A service that maps out the current situation and plans partial or full migration of IT to a public cloud environment.
  • A service quantifying the scope of use and constructing the economic foundation for predicting consumption.
  • A dedicated link between the local on-premise IT and the cloud computing infrastructures, including the planning of hybrid cloud data security.
  • Planning of network load balancing (NLB) and survivability (DR, backup, clustering).
  • A homogeneous administration layer complementing the specific client-level administration in client-specified scenarios.

Administrative Platforms

Administrative platforms give organizations control over their infrastructure expenses, thus enabling their clients to concentrate on the organization’s core activity. With deployment no longer stalled by matters of cost associated with procuring, implementing, and maintaining infrastructures, time to production can be reduced in order to obtain maximum value from the cloud services. Moreover, the administrative platform provides organizations with a high level of confidence in the consistency of their performance and availability, being backed by global cloud providers of the caliber of Dimension Data and MedOne.

Consultancy Services

At MedOne, we know how to guide you safely from the first step onward toward your cloud concept, with focused consultancy packages that deal with site surveys, gap analysis, infrastructure migration, growth and requirements management, optimization, and administration. We will be glad to put top-grade engineering experts at your service to maximize value for you.

MedOneCloud products portfolio

The MedOneCloud products protfolio integrates cloud infrastructures into the organization’s IT fabric whether the organization is large or small and whether it is a direct end client or a service provider that resells and manages cloud infrastructures. The portions of cloud from MedOneCloud can range across the entire topological spectrum, from individual servers in isolated environments through to a semi-shared environment (such as for a community cloud), hybrid environments, or a public cloud environment.



Description of the “Browsing as a Service” Solution

MedOne offers “Browsing as a Service” as part of the protective system against ransomware. This service provides an organization with simulated browsing abilities on MedOne’s cloud systems. Our solution is unique primarily because it includes intelligence that analyzes and directs the relevant browsing automatically and transparently for the user in a simulated environment with identity management systems. This ensures performance according to the designated protocol, including full personalization and the ability to redact and clear content for transfer (i.e., files, etc.). The system has complete control in monitoring and managing the browsing which includes URL filtering, IP repetition, managing all the rights and controlling any browsing solution. Browsing is provided by simulated IE or Chrome browsers on MedOne’s cloud systems. The system is priced per actual browsing hour. This product is a fully innovative product that uses technology by leading manufacturers with a single management console and a unified system developed for this purpose.

The unique features in MedOne’s “Browsing as a Service” solution:

Legal database for browsing Granular legal database that includes the customer’s policies

Interfacing for search engines in API

Designated databases to scan the content


The system knows how to clear content according to the selected policies for user groups and transfers content to its destination automatically and in accordance with the relevant entity in API.

Diagnose browsing requests from User Browsing and System Browsing


The system knows how to include rules that allow different policies for requests from the system and the user.

Transparency for the User

Identity, operation and work in the system through the identity mechanism and fully automatic entry without having to involve the user. The system preserves the features / licenses / rights according to the customer’s policies regarding all aspects of use.


Central management service console

A single central management console concentrates the entire management system and all its policy browsing features through the rights to the content (encoding, transferred and uploaded to the Web).

Communication System for the Web


The system is situated at two Israeli communications crossroads, thus enabling higher browsing quality and speed.

Content inspection feature

The system includes file re-creation, meta data cleaning, generic anti-virus scans, identifying and inspecting the reliability of any file and its content.

Cloud with information security content

We are the only cloud is Israel to comply with the following information security standards:

CSA Star




PCI DSS Level 1 (pending approval).

Physical security

The cloud is in the most secured and protected facilities. These facilities can survive for 72 hours without any outside power and water supply.

Self-management portal

A complete portal for independent use by the customer. It allows the customer to have full independence and prevents information security problems.

Payment per use

Payment for the end to end solution and all its features will be based on the actual browsing hours.

Point2Point connection from the customer’s device to the cloud


In order to create an independent and secured environment for the customer, your devices can be directly connected to the infrastructure line to the MedOne cloud service.

Browsing speed

Since the MedOne cloud is set up on the Israeli information crossroads, we are connected to all infrastructure suppliers in Israeli and international infrastructures. In addition, we provide an Internet browsing speed of at least 1Gb/sec.

Information security

Browsing as a Service is provided on cloud infrastructures which have complete coding, customer separation, identity verification and protection systems. In addition, any connection to the system requires Two Factor Authentication.

URL Filtering

The browsing service includes URL filtering which allows the customer to control sites according to groups and profiles.

File clearing system

Browsing as a Service includes a solution for clearing files. When the user downloads a file from the Internet, the file undergoes a clearing process in the file clearing system. The user receives a status update at every stage of the file clearing.

The integration between all these features is unique to MedOne’s Browsing as a Service.

Backup as a Service

Backup as a service is cloud backup solution from MedOneCloud that provides for a broad range of backup scenarios, including geographical decentralization. The solution is simple to set up and to operate, and it is managed entirely from the self-service portal. The solution supports Windows 2003 and later, with Red Hat Linux servers.

The backup solution provides for backup from all the servers of the client’s local server farm and from the various clouds. MedOneCloud offers the service, for any scenario or scenarios, from among three options as appropriate to requirements: Essential, Advanced, and Enterprise.

The following table compares the options.