Last month, MedOne and Dimension Data invited dozens of CEOs, VPs, and CIOs of leading Israeli companies and organizations to a tour and meeting with senior Dimension staff at the company’s main campus in South Africa. The visit was part of the annual trip made by the C3 forum on people and computers, which has become a tradition in recent years, each time to a different location in the world.

The guest of honor at the conference at Dimension’s headquarters was Arthur Lenk, Israel’s ambassador to South Africa, who was the opening speaker. He noted that “the Israeli high-tech industry is the most natural thing for strengthening connections between the two countries, and it is time to fulfill this inherent potential.”

At the conference, Data Dimension representatives explained the importance of cooperation with Israel and the great contribution made by their partnership with MedOne. Stephen Green, CTO at Dimension, spoke about the fast changes in the digital world that require organizations to operate differently than in the past in order not to get left behind.

Oded Bosme, Director of Engineering at Pointer Telocation, and Avi Elkayam of Veridis came from Israel for the conference. They talked about the decision-making process that led to the transition to MedOneCloud and presented the challenges, dilemmas and reasons for deciding to go with the MedOne and Dimension cloud.

The highlight of the visit to the company’s magnificent campus was the presentation on the technology behind the scenes at the Tour de France that was launched by Dimension last year. Dimension equipped all of the riders with a range of sensors that provided all kinds of information at every moment: speed, incline, air pressure, heart rate, location and more, which for the first time in the history of the Tour de France provided full, accurate, current information to the media about the riders’ progress and condition. A truck that drove behind the riders collected all of the data from the riders and transmitted it in real time to journalists and social media.