Data Center
Hosting Services

MedOne maintains and operates three host sites which are constructed between 15 and 24 meters underground and are spread over a wide geographic range of over 17,000 m2.

The Data Center facilities are operated according to advanced international standards and have the highest levels of protection, survivability and security currently offered in the field.

Each of the facilities is prepared to operate independently of any external factors for a period of approximately 72 consecutive hours, based on the existing resources in the facilities that are available during an emergency.

These unique characteristics allow us to provide our customers with the highest standard of service and comply with a strict and qualitative SLA service at a 99.99% accuracy rate per year.

Survival and Backup System – MedOne’s Data Center facilities comply with the Tier 4 level of the TIE/EIA international standard, for both the power supply system and the air conditioning system. The power supply system (DC and AC) in the facilities includes a dual A+B power supply (two separate supplies which are independent of each other), from the device connected to the transformers, generators, and UPS, including the electric boards and through the level of the customer’s equipment which supports both supplies. The air conditioning system allows the customer to have hosting systems through air cooling systems and advanced air conditioning systems based on water cooling cabinets supporting the computer cabinets which have high electricity consumption.

Operational Flexibility – MedOne allows its customers to select the appropriate solution for their designated needs according to the initial requirements defined using a specified characterization in collaboration with MedOne’s project team. This concludes with the application of the hosting solution for the device’s computerized system.

Security System – MedOne’s facilities are staffed by security guards in both control centers, one at each of the hosting floors, and who are present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The facilities are also internally and externally secured by 8 electronic and physical security circuits.

Communication / Transmission Services – MedOne’s Data Center facilities are landing stations for the Nautilus Med submarine cable which connects Israel to the international networks and thus converts the facilities from Israel’s central communication crossroad to the rest of the world. The vast majority of Israel’s communications traffic passes through MedOne’s facilities via this cable, including data, Internet and telephone.

Rules and Regulations – MedOne’s facilities meet international standards, rules and regulations from the current prices, as required by the Data Center facilities. The Company is designated as an ESI (emergency service interface) and receives preference when supplying resources during an emergency. MedOne’s solutions are adapted to the strictest rules and regulations of the Bank of Israel, the ISA (information security authority), the SCMD (the Security Commissioner of the Ministry of Defense) and other supervisory entities.

MedOne’s Hosting Solutions

Hosting services for Production and DR Systems

Providing underground hosting services in protected and secured Data Center facilities with the highest survivability levels in a designated enclosed or public space format.

Work stations for BCP (Business Continuity Planning) during emergencies

Underground operations halls which include work stations for immediate use during specific / national emergencies (i.e., earthquakes, fires, floods, war, etc.). These work stations are furnished and ready for immediate use and include power and communications infrastructures and available connections to the customer’s systems.

“Hands and eyes” services and IT expert services (Professional Services On Site)

Providing professional services enables the customer to receive 24/7 services for the management of his computer system according to the reading service (Help Desk) and/or  by defining the profile of the position and its scope

The “Hands and eyes” services include the following activities:

  • Shutting down, turning on or restarting (shutting down and turning back on) the servers of other computer equipment (including putting in or taking out electrical wiring, as necessary).
  • Shutting down, turning on or restarting (shutting down and turning back on) the electrical components, i.e., power strips, etc.
  • Connecting, disconnecting or a combination of any connecting or disconnecting activities on the system and/or different electrical wiring and other designated cables / visual examination of the different control lights.
  • Removing or installing different media equipment: USB/CD/DVD
  • Installing and/or removing and/or replacing media equipment, including backup videos, removable hard discs (which does not require dismantling the server or any storage units), optical media, etc.
  • Assisting external suppliers in setting up a particular server (without direct accompaniment during the work performed by the external supplier).
  • “Hands and eyes” services are subject to an overall inspection of the customer’s facility and precise mapping of the cabinet level and U level. The customer will be responsible for mapping the equipment in his possession and updating about any change regarding the content of the equipment.