Components of the Cloud

Physical servers and data communications: MedOneCloud is based on the most advanced Cisco technologies, including a special HPC technology that is uniquely responsive to the loads of concurrent work; ACI solutions (SDN); UCS servers; Nexus 9000 series communications components; Cisco ASR; and hybrid Inter Cloud Fabric solutions from Cisco.

Server Virtualization

To implement the virtualization infrastructure, MedOne uses VMware’s Hypervisor technology, which supports various versions of both Microsoft and Linux servers. Advanced VMware technologies, such as HA and DRS, help maximize survivability and regulate the distribution of physical resources among services. These technologies form the basis for high-quality advanced cloud services.

Storage Facilities

MedOne’s data storage facilities are primarily based on the VNX family from EMC. VNX solutions are characterized by high survivability, excellent performance, and impressive abilities in the field of encryption. MedOne’s solution allows for the option of integrating 3 performance levels for each GB of storage. Moreover, MedOne uses advanced components from NetApp which provide for secondary storage or economical storage.

Load Balancing

In order to offer an architectural response for load balancing at each of the software layers (web servers, access servers, transaction servers, etc.), MedOne uses Application Delivery Controller technology from F5, the Viprion manufacturer. These solutions provide for stability in applicative access and for response to sudden, unexpected peaks of demand. The solutions are targeted at reducing the load associated with encrypted traffic (SSL) which characterizes the traffic between the cloud and the organization.