MedOne brings you the next generation of hosting services and IT system storage systems, at the Middle East’s most advanced data center installations.

MedOne specializes in providing unmatchable data center technology and communications solutions to enterprises organizations, providing them with access to MedOne unique data centers that cover 17,000 square meters (180,000 square feet) at three sites in Israel.

With those data centers and with a trained professional team of experts, the company offers a variety of solutions including hosting solutions for IT centers (production sites), hosting solutions for backup sites (DR), comprehensive business continuity solutions, and both public and hybrid cloud computing solutions for enterprises.

MedOne complements its IT Data Center solutions with the following systems, among others, for its clients:

MedOne complements its IT Data Center solutions with the following systems, among others, for its clients:
  • Public cloud computing: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • Data centers Services
  • Backup and DRP
  • Monitoring and information security services
  • Consulting, overseeing, and administration services for moving IT systems onto the cloud environment
  • IT / professional services
  • On-site professional IT

The company’s unique services are covered by a strict SLA (Service Level Agreement) based extensive operational experience.

אבני הדרך של Medone

שנת 1997

MedOne was founded and became an Israeli pioneer in the field of international communications infrastructures

שנת 2000

MedOne initiates the Lev project – submarine cable system – one of the first five submarine cables in the world

שנת 2001

The group initiated an ambitious project that was the first of its kind — the Med Nautilus submarine optical fiber cable system

שנת 2005

The ownership and operation of the international communications infrastructures passed to Med Nautilus (Israel) Ltd.

שנת 2014

MedOne decided to focus and deepen its activity and specialization at hosting services by using its three subterranean Data Centers

שנת 2015

MedOne introduces an extension for its data center services including public cloud services. Accordingly, a strategic partnership agreement was signed with Dimension Data

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Ronnie Sadeh



Eli Matara

VP Marketing and Sales


Erez Zvi

VP Finance


Lior Rozental

VP Business Development


Gil Shany

CTO Cloud


Tali Harari

Manager, Projects Division


Alex Steinberg

Projects and Security Manager


Aric Hirsh

Operations Manager for the data centers


Vered Ben-Nun

Marketing Manager

SLA Principles


Unique data center facilities, meeting international standards, for hosting Production/DR computer systems, for providing appropriate cloud computing solutions for every organization while maintaining Israel’s highest level of quality, and for providing complementary IT solutions.


MedOne will continue leading the field of data centers and complementary technological services, and thus assist its clients as a business partner in achieving their business goals.

MedOne will be Israel’s leader in the cloud computing field within 3 years, providing public cloud computing services of the highest quality for the enterprise market. The MedOneCloud platform will redefine the standard for security and will meet every local and international regulatory requirement.

The following services are covered by our exacting service agreement:

  • Hosting and operational services for organizational IT — production and DR
  • Public cloud computing services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and 24/7/365 technical support.
  • Business continuity solutions (BCP) complying with the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Communications regulations
  • Professional services on site

Core Values

Fair play and integrity | Innovation | Excellence | Transparency | Professionalism

MedOne, believes that these values and their implementation constitute the foundation for providing service at the highest level; for preserving excellence, operational flexibility, initiative, and continual innovation; and for positioning MedOne as the foremost company in its field of activity — all this while creating maximum lasting value for our clients, our fellow employees, and our shareholders.

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